Digital Services

Expert Technologies Group recognise the importance of gathering and contextualising real time and historical data, that’s why we continue to invest in technology partnerships with global leaders and innovative disruptors. We use virtual development tools to develop and simulate processes, machine functions and complete factories to ensure that ETG systems deliver on time, every time.

Our Virtual development environment enables co-creative engagement with clients all over the world, increasing the speed to market and reducing the environment impact of travelling. ETG’s on-machine solutions tools provide operational guidance to ensure our machine achieve and sustain world class OEE levels.

Our digital enterprise offerings include…






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Digital Factory

Digitalization and networking of production, tracking and analysis of data

For example, we can carry out virtual testing of your machine before going live in the factory, helping to enhance your green credentials by reducing your travel footprint.

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Digital Machines

Intelligent, networked and self-regulating products, machinery and plant…

The use of Big Data analysed in real time with the help of Artificial Intelligence allows us to manufacture products faster and with higher quality, bringing artificial intelligence production and machine learning to the next level.

Models based on deep learning can detect and avoid errors that humans or classical systems have difficulty perceiving, and predictive analytics can also optimize production by enabling our clients the ability to individualize their products in a digital space.

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Digital Processes

Efficient development, production and distribution of our products, plants and services…

Digital Process control is at the heart of any Digital Enterprise.

It forms the basis of the full digital concept. Consistent digitalisation begins with plant engineering, extends through simulation, commissioning, and automation, and continues all the way to efficient plant operation.

Expert process control systems offer you the optimal, integrated, and reliable solution you need to master the challenges of today and tomorrow

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Digital Maintenance

Technicians can access training content, maintenance manuals wherever they are, whenever they need it.

A digital on-demand platform that is accessible via any smart device.

ETG can create custom content focused on your needs, whether that is specific troubleshooting content or maintenance task, and your team can access it via a simple scan of a QR code. Should the content be required in an area that is not connected, it can simply be downloaded onto a device.

Augmented Reality (AR) has a substantial impact on your machine’s lifecycle. Whether it’s material handling or distribution, servicing or maintenance, we harness AR to prevent faults and increase uptime.

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Digital Services

Factory of the Future. Industry 4.0. When you think of these things, we want you to think of Manufacturing Intelligence. With our Smart Manufacturing System, you can optimize production.

As we transition into Industry 4.0, the demand for greater functionality and machine connectivity is expected to grow. So we invest in the latest remote assistance tools, from AR to Digital to ensure you meet your production goals and drive value.

We recognise that every machine, piece of hardware or software, is only ever as good as the people behind them. So when integrating automation, we take a holistic approach by focusing on seamless integration and building machines that work with people.

Explore an automation future without the limits of outdated convention, speak to the Experts.