We recognise the importance of scaled investment and the value of proven solutions in the industrialisation of medical devices. Our specialist teams are focused on supporting innovative organisations across the entire product and production lifecycle.

As experts in industrial automation, we continually challenge our technology partners and internal teams to solve complexity with elegant simplicity and ingenuity. We create digitally rich solutions that enable a secure, agile and forward-looking manufacturing strategy, free from uncertainty.

One Philosophy, Infinite Possibilities

FleXcell, Experts manufacturing platform design philosophy, enables unparalleled application flexibility, clients can adopt FleXcell from Proof of Principle through Clinical Trials, and onto high volume fully integrated lines.

FleXcell, standardises structural and control elements such that application specific processes and external subsystems interface seamlessly. Configuring FleXcell is simple, fun and speedy.

FleXcell offers the lead-time and cost benefits of a standard machine, with the refined flexibility of a custom-built solution.

Explore an automation future without the limits of outdated convention, speak to the Experts.