Device Assembly

Precision assembly is at the core of everything we do, across all sectors, the importance of establishing robust and repeatable connections between components is critical. The MedTech team brings decades of experience in the assembly of small components in regulated environments.

Experts approach to assembly processes reflects the need to be both innovative and pragmatic. Our technologies team have developed standardised solutions to address repeated and common requirements. Whilst the R&D team continue to develop new approaches to address market and customer-specific needs through collaboration with complementary material and technology companies.


Feeding Technology

Often the biggest challenge in complex device assembly is ensuring maximum component availability. Successfully forming, separating and orientating components for high output lines requires experience and skills which the Expert team have developed over many years. From forming springs to feeding caps and cannulas, Expert have the feeding solutions to meet your needs.

Contact us to find out more about our Flexible feeding solutions, combining Vision, Robotics, agitation with agile transportation system in delivering repetitive and scalable performance in compact footprint.

Material Handling Automation

The increased focus on traceability and personalisation coupled with a greater future flexibility has accelerated the growth in independent carrier systems. These electromagnetic systems offer further benefits; improving modularity and increasing the density of automation, resulting in a compact footprint with minimal wear parts.

The Expert team is proud to lead the way having successfully installed one of the largest magnetic track systems in Europe.  The team are now incorporating Magnetic –Puck based systems to provide enhanced product autonomy with Zero mechanical wear.


Primary Packaging Automation

Providing a correctly labelled and recorded primary package for your device is a critical element of medical and personal device production.

The MedTech team develop specialist packaging equipment and integrate standard machines to our assembly equipment to ensure a simplified end-to-end production line.

Our team of specialists are here to support you … call us.

End of Line Packaging Automation

End of Line Packaging is a key element any production facility, however the case packing and palletisation of medical devices requires specific attention. With the emergence of eCommerce, Personal care and Medical device innovators increasingly require highly flexible End of Line solutions, addressing demands for mixed product and varying quantities within consignments.

With a long history in logistics automation Expert are ideally positioned to offer strategic guidance, ensuring that your automation meets your current and future needs.

Explore an automation future without the limits of outdated convention, speak to the Experts.