Standard Solutions

Device Assembly

This assembly cell enables the integration of device specific assembly processes and inspection systems. Flexible enough to adopt fixed pitch and magnetic levitation transportation systems. The FleXcell platform provides a standardised approach to cell manufacture and intuitive operator interface. The standard platform approach ensures that your investments are focused on product centered innovation. The architecture provides an environment for maximum process stability, whilst operators and technicians benefit from easy access and intuitive machine interfaces.

Vial Tray Denester

Addressing the challenges of handling varying quantities and sizes of vials through this FleXcell based market solution. Vision inspection detects damage, imperfection and product traceability.

FleXcell Fill & Seal Cell

This FleXcell based semi automated solution provides an highly flexible approach to the precision filling of power or liquid into devices. Repeated precision dispensing, weighing and sealing within a compact environmental controlled footprint.

The operator and maintenance interfaces are standardised and highly intuitive.

Laser Weld Cell

This FleXcell based semi automated system enable precision welding of multiple components within a highly controlled environment. The clamped nest ensure repetitive positioning and consistently high-quality of weld finish. The modular nature of the system ensures that future processes can be incorporated, in addition, the cell can be integrated to up/down stream processes.

Research & Development Cell

The Expert team have developed a single R&D cell capable of simulating & testing process in a safe and production representative environment. The cell is highly adaptive, designed to incorporate custom fixtures, robotics and flexible transfer systems. The cell includes a control interface, servo control, and safety interlocks.

The R&D Cell enables ‘fast to fail’ proof of principle testing, where first ideas can be validated and when you need support the ETG R&D can replicate and advise improvements through Virtual simulation and remote connectivity.